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a word from our #jnoellebrides

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"Looking for a cover-up to complement my wedding gown, I stumbled across J.Noelle Design on Instagram and knew I had found a designer with talent and vision.  Armed with some vague ideas of how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day, I reached out.  I'm so glad I did.  Jessica worked with me to crystallize my ideas and ultimately created a gorgeous custom design that exceeded my expectations.  We even collaborated long distance (me in Atlanta and Jessica in Utah)!  Any worries I might have had about trusting a designer two time zones away were quickly allayed by J.Noelle Design's responsiveness and flexibility.  I would recommend J.Noelle Design to any bride and will brag on Jessica to anyone who will listen!"


"Her work is absolutely amazing and I am forever grateful to have had my wedding dress custom made exactly how I wanted it by the one and only Jessica Noelle."


"I always wanted a custom dress (because duh - who doesn’t?) but I was afraid it would be too expensive/not worth it/I wouldn’t have a good enough idea of what I wanted/etc. Well, working with Jessica changed all that. Not only was she sincere and helpful, but she was creative and fun and made the whole experience worth every penny. The dress couldn’t have been more perfect. AND comfy! I love supporting people who genuinely work hard and excel at their craft, and J. Noelle Design is one of those people. THANK YOU Jessica for helping make our day perfect!"


"The wonderful Jessica, who created my wedding dress, has been designing the most beautiful, unique and personalized gowns for a year and I hope to be a part of her journey for years to come!! (I mean that, I'll model everything you make!)"


"[My dress] was absolutely everything I dreamed it would be! You are only one person and you did absolutely amazing! I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. My dress was a lot of work and it turned out absolutely amazing! I can never thank you enough!"

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