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meet jessica noelle taylor fullmer

From a young age, Jessica Noelle wanted to be a fashion designer, and bridalwear was her absolute favorite. Though she grew up being told it wasn't a practical choice, she never stopped dreaming. One January day in 2016, she realized it was time to pursue that lifelong dream and J. Noelle Design was launched 9 months later. Though self-taught, Jessica has a keen eye and distinct voice. She is deeply inspired by the time she spent living in Norway, as well as her love for impressionist art. Jessica’s designs display a combination of statement laces, soft chiffons and tulles, and splashes of color. J. Noelle Design’s mission is to celebrate Femininity and all of her graces. She designs with versatility and comfortability in mind. Every woman has had distinguishing experiences that have molded her into the person she is. J. Noelle Design was created to provide wedding wear that reflects a woman’s inner beauty, complements personality, and is also easy to wear.


"It is my belief that every bride deserves a unique dress on her wedding day. Every woman has had unique experiences that have molded her into the person she is today. Her wedding is perhaps the most important event of her life and the gown she wears ought to reflect the one-of-a-kind self she’s worked so hard to become. It is my dream, that through J. Noelle Design, I can offer every bride the ability to create a unique dress that perfectly complements her personality and inward beauty."



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